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About VanGar

Randy Dutiaume has successfully owned and operated VanGar Rink Supplies since 2001. VanGar is a distributor of fine-area products for hockey and curling rinks in Canada and around the world.

We sell everything for the ice maker!

VanGar Services

VanGar Rink Services is the leading supplier of premium rink equipment and services for a wide variety of sports, including hockey and curling. We specialize in providing quality equipment, repairs, and services throughout Canada (mainly located in Winnipeg, MB) because we believe that having not only the right equipment but the right setting makes all the difference in performance.

Hockey Board Cleaning

Present a fresh, sparkling appearance to your arena and maximize your sponsor's advertising panels! VanGar Rink Supplies will help you to achieve efficient, effective cleaning of the arena boards, ice in or out. Products are available year-round to suit your schedule.

Hockey Rink Supplies

VanGar stocks many hockey supplies. Some of our products include items like:

Tempered glass, plexiglass, puck board and kick plates, sports flooring, protective netting, low missive ceilings, sales and installation, and new hockey board systems and repair.

Curling Rink Supplies

We carry a wide range of curling supplies, including hacks and flooding cups, circle equipment, ice ribbon, brushes, scrapers, sweepers, scoreboards, bumpers, pebbling cans/heads, flooding hoses, Curlex accessories, curling stones, ice thermometers and levels, and much more!

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It's time to up the ante and make your rink the showplace it truly deserves to be by amplifying your equipment and setting ... making a difference to those who enjoy the sport of hockey and curling -- and much more!